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Nathan "NateBoi" Ward is an American Videographer and Musician who specializes in bringing his clients' ideas to life. His mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve a high quality professional look so that their work can flourish.


Born and raised in a small Georgia town called Cornelia, Nate grew up having an obsession with sports; especially baseball. He wanted to get into sports photography, so he borrowed his first camera (a Nikon his older sister lended to him) so that he could pursue this newfound hobby. He began taking all types of photos, editing them, creating graphics, wallpapers, and ect. Then, one day something clicked. Many of Nate's peers at the time happened to be aspiring artists. This led Nate to begin exploring ways he could utilize his camera skills to help out his musician friends. He started taking pictures and filming content for them regularly. A few months after graduating high school, Nate had finally saved up enough money from his part time chicken factory job to purchase his first camera.

Over the next year or two, NateBoi got more and more savvy with his camera skills and decided to begin offering his services to more than just his close friends. He began upgrading his equipment, promoting his work online, and eventually gained a few regular clients. Nate's consistent grind has allowed him to shoot with many well known artists over the years, such as Lil Baby, Blac Youngsta, Zaytoven, and Jacquees to name a few.


After years of working in musical environments, NateBoi naturally started to gain more and more interest in the entire process of music creation. So on one random day in an Atlanta studio with Lord D'Andre (one of NateBoi's frequent collaborators), Nate decided to step up to the mic and put his vocals to the test. At first he struggled a little with finding his sound. But, the struggle did not last long as he quickly adapted to the musician life. Now NateBoi has songs available on all major streaming platforms; some of which have features from widely known artists and have earned a substantial number of streams.


NateBoi's work has earned millions of views between the 100+ visuals he has shot and edited so far. His musical releases have earned him more than a quarter of a million streams across major streaming platforms. He has worked with many notable people in the music industry and is consistently working hard to expand his network and improve his product. NateBoi is a very passionate and hard working individual to say the least. There's no telling what amount of greatness he will achieve in the near future, but we look forward to watching it all unfold - one video at a time.

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